Renewable Diesel Taking Off?

Propel Fuels’ low-carbon fuel sees tripling of consumer adoption in California

LOS ANGELES -- A low-carbon, renewable diesel introduced in California this year is gaining traction, according to Propel Fuels. Propel Fuels diesel

This past August, Propel, Sacramento, Calif., introduced Diesel HPR (High Performance Renewable) in Southern California. The low-carbon fuel, developed by biofuels supplier Neste Corp. and produced from renewable biomass sources such as recycled fats and oils, reportedly produces fewer nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and greenhouse gases than biodiesel (B20) and conventional diesel.

Diesel HPR burns more cleanly and efficiently than conventional diesel, Propel said, providing a smoother ride and more power and torque. Meanwhile, unlike B20, the fuel’s performance is said to not be compromised by cold weather.

Since Propel launched Diesel HPR in Southern California this past summer, it has seen consumer adoption grow 300%, compared to the company’s earlier B20 offer, it said. The fuel is currently available at 32 Propel sites in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Inland Empire, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay area. 

“Diesel HPR is an affordable way for fleets and consumers to reduce emissions and improve local air quality while seeing better engine performance,” said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel.  “As new diesel models hit the market, drivers across California are moving towards low-carbon fuel options such as Diesel HPR.”

Propel has 43 flex-fuel and 36 renewable-diesel branded fuel locations in California and Washington state.

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