Selling E15: What Retailers Need to Know

The high-ethanol blend has seen continued growth in sales amid a challenging market.
Photograph: Shutterstock

The pandemic has created decreased fuel sales volumes across the country, as Americans are keeping off the road and staying home. Despite these market challenges, retail adoption of E15 (also known to consumers as Unleaded 88); has seen continued growth.

What’s behind E15’s increasing sales? The fifteen percent ethanol blended fuel owes much of its continued success to a loyal consumer base, as first-time users tend to come back for more. This is due in no small part to the fuel’s excellent track record for performance. To date, enough E15 has been sold to fuel 17 billion miles driven (with 1 billion miles’ worth sold within just the last three months), and not a single fuel-related issue has been reported among consumers.

It’s not a question that E15 sells well and performs well. Any remaining misconceptions tend to boil down to outdated information on equipment compatibility. Retailers need not worry that selling E15 will necessitate a major overhaul of their tanks and dispensers, because most equipment manufactured after 1980 is compatible for blends above 10% ethanol, and the majority of currently installed underground storage tanks made within the last 30 years are approved to store up to 100% ethanol, which is well above the required capacity.

Of course, retailers may have specific questions about their sites in particular—or about the fuel in general. That’s why Growth Energy and CSP have partnered to host an interactive virtual workshop for retailers on Tuesday, December 1. The event includes a full agenda covering everything retailers would need to know to adopt E15 and reap all its benefits.

During the workshop, Growth Energy’s Regional Sales Director, David Durling, will share expertise and best practices on navigating the E15 landscape, setting up the right fuel infrastructure, and employing the ideal marketing mix for optimal results. Other speakers will discuss the regulatory landscape, and supply and demand. Additionally, retailers will hear from experts from renewable fuel pioneer Minnoco, who will share their experience and how they have maximized their competitive advantage with high-octane fuel options including, E15 and E85.

For more information about the interactive E15 workshop or to inquire about space, reach out to Sbrenden@growthenergy.org

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