SpeedyQ Markets Lauds Results of Emissions Program

Drive program with GreenPrint said to offset up to 30% of customers’ vehicle emissions
Photograph courtesy of SpeedyQ Markets

KIMBALL, Mich. SpeedyQ Markets has made a big dent in its customers’ vehicle emissions just one year after launching its Drive reduced-emissions fuel program, the retailer reports.

SpeedyQ Markets, a family-owned convenience-store chain with 18 locations in eastern Michigan, launched the Drive program in partnership with GreenPrint in June 2018.

GreenPrint calculates the tailpipe emissions of SpeedyQ Market customers on all gasoline grades and then invests in certified carbon-offset projects such as wildlife protection, reforestation and renewable energy initiatives on behalf of the c-store chain. GreenPrint provides SpeedyQ Markets with real-time reports on carbon emissions, offsets purchased and retired, and project investments made through the Drive program.

SpeedQ Markets

Over the past year, these projects have helped offset the effects of SpeedyQ customers’ vehicle emissions by up to 30%, or enough to provide one day’s worth of electricity for more than 220,000 homes, the retailer says. The Drive program has also led to the planting of 4,000 trees in parks around Michigan and cut 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide through partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the Arenac Conservation District, a local nonprofit group.

“We are inspired by the impact that the SpeedyQ Drive program has made in Michigan in just one year,” said Kyle Lawrence, president of SpeedyQ Markets, Kimball, Mich. “We are giving our customers the opportunity to make our communities greener when they choose to fill up with us. We are proud to offer a program that reduces the effects of the tailpipe emissions of our customers. Our customers still are pumping the same high-quality fuel, but this is another way we can serve them, our home state and the environment.”

“We are proud of this milestone and are excited to continue this partnership with SpeedyQ Markets to help them provide a better choice at the pump and allow customers to give back to the local communities across the state,” said Pete Davis, CEO of Atlanta-based GreenPrint.

In 2018, GreenPrint also launched reduced-emissions programs with Tri Star Energy and Home Service Oil. According to GreenPrint, its programs worldwide have reduced emissions on more than 1 billion gallons of fuel annually across thousands of retail locations and 100,000 corporate and municipal fleets in 14 countries. It has relationships with more than 2,000 nonprofits and invests in more than 20 certified carbon offset and renewable energy projects.

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