The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

What’s the Status of the Summer Road Trip?

Americans taking a wait-and-see attitude about longer trips, GasBuddy survey shows


How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Reshaping the Financial Outlook for C-Stores

CSP speaks with Charlie McIlvaine of Coen Markets about the pandemic and the future of c-stores

Volume declines weaken as states reopen and retail averages rise

Lawmaker questions why state’s average is higher than others during the pandemic

Drop in miles traveled creates deep trench in states’ funding for roads

Here are 5 important updates to fuel industry issues that every fuel retailer should know about.

Retailer pairs full-service fueling with Texaco’s mobile payment app

Lawsuit against Vitol and SK alleges companies took advantage of 2015 supply disruption

The motor-fuel menu has expanded to include a smorgasbord of choices that features unleaded gasoline of various octane ratings, low-sulfur diesel and both gasoline and diesel with differing levels of alternative fuels blended in.

Glove-like coverings latest tool fuel retailers are using to ease customers’ COVID-19 fears

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