The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

4 Updates on Shell Select

As concept approaches its 1-year anniversary, the major oil company continues to refine its retail approach


A Cleaner Nozzle for a Growing Diesel Fuel Market

For many years, diesel fuel has been viewed as the black sheep of the United States’ motor-fuel family, mainly because of the unsightly black plume of exhaust that would gush from dump trucks, buses and semis as they began to accelerate.

With EPA’s approval of year-round sales, chain adding dozens of sites this summer

More than 1,100 locations to be monitored under the agreement

Major oil puts focus on premium with new formulation, ad campaign

EPA issues final rule on year-round sales and RIN market reforms

Fuels Institute conference highlights the uncertain, messy transition ahead

Is there anything more American than taking a road trip? Movies have been made about them, books written and songs sung. Americans cherish their cars and taking to the open road for a sweet vacation c...

Chevron and Giant Eagle’s GetGo add charging stations

When will the deep price-cutting begin?