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3 Tips for Clean, Shiny Floors

Cleanliness leaves a lasting first impression

A new customer walks through your doors and, in seconds, their first impression is formed. But it’s not just what’s in front of their eyes that plays a part in their immediate, visceral reaction to your store. It’s also what’s under their feet that matters.

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Floors—for better or worse, for clean or for dirty—play a big part in the formation of customers’ opinions about your entire operation. Taking extra care to get your floors extra clean can set off a chain reaction of positive energy that’ll send customers from the floors through the roof. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks to making your floors shine.

Tip 1: Don’t Clean Dirt With Dirt

With many things, time-tested methods are most efficient, but in floor cleaning, new technology is leaps and bounds improved. If you’re using the classic components, a bucket and a mop, then you might be redistributing your dirt instead of removing it. Wring your mop into a clean bucket of water, and now you have a dirty bucket of water that’s contaminated with oil and gasoline residue, hair or dust. That bucket then recycles contaminates right back onto your floors, making the whole exercise of mopping ineffective.

New technology can remedy this old problem. Use a floor-scrubbing device that allows you to circulate fresh water onto your floors, separating used, dirty water to be disposed of easily. That way, you’re never inadvertently mop your floors with dirt.

Tip 2: Stay High and Dry

Safety is paramount, but making it a priority can be challenging, especially in a 24-hour industry such as convenience, where customers could be walking through your aisles at any moment of the day or night.

Routine mopping leaves floors wet, primed and ready for slips and falls. But does it have to? Technological advancements of devices such as the Simple Clean 18 utilize superior vacuum suction technology to leave newly cleaned floors instantaneously bone dry, allowing customers and employees to traverse the floors without interruption. No annoying buzzing, no bulky “Caution: Wet Floors” signs; just clean, dry floors from wall to wall.

Tip 3: Scrub Fast, Save Cash

The price of floor-cleaning equipment and supplies is not the only expense to consider. Traditional mopping can be time consuming, costly labor for an employee most likely paid by the hour. Investing in a cleaning system that minimizes the time it takes to get your floors sparkling could have a substantial impact on your expense sheet and on the satisfaction of your staff. The Simple Clean 18 can be leased to own for as little as $82 per month plus applicable taxes.

Retailers also can make work light for the employees doing the cleaning by purchasing equipment that’s compact and cordless, allowing for quick maneuvering through narrow aisles and around store displays, reaching every corner of your establishment for a thorough clean.

To learn more about the Simple Clean 18 and watch it in action, visit

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