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Meeting Consumer Needs with Seasonal Allergy Remedies

Smaller product sizes, private label options can appeal to shoppers

This winter flu season is finally nearing a close after millions of people battled the illness. Unfortunately, the end of flu season typically means the beginning of allergy season for many, so shoppers may soon be seeking relief for their symptoms on the go.  C-stores that are prepared to offer a variety of allergy solutions will best meet the allergy sufferers’ needs and gain loyal shoppers in the process.

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The benefits of smaller product sizes

For a variety of reasons, many consumers are still looking to save money.  However, that can happen in different ways depending on the type of consumer.  For instance, the February 2015 Convenience HBC A&U study revealed that 37% of consumers shopped for the best value, while 34% wanted the lowest price (the remaining29% did not pay attention to value or price). These trends indicate that c-stores have a valuable chance to target a wide range of consumers by offering trial-sized private label products.

Customers seeking the lowest prices for medications can find what they need through trial pack sizes that include branded options. Brand familiarity will also resonate with consumers who are not concerned with price or value—despite   a lack of concern with price or value, they tend to select national brands. Even consumers who would normally purchase generic medicines may be equally satisfied with trial sizes of national brands.

Carry an assortment of brands and private label

Brand loyalty can have a big impact when consumers need to pick up allergy medicine from a c-store. Although medications are not an everyday purchase for everyone, many people have tried-and-true brands they prefer when they get sick.  In some cases, they may have been using the same brands since childhood and find these allergy remedies to be the most reliable.  However, many value conscious consumers know private label alternatives are the same quality as national brands. 

Private label product packaging can effectively target shoppers who are looking for the best value. If consumers are in a hurry and want to grab a health product and go, they may not spend a long time deliberating over the choices. Offering a number of health and beauty products and placing them in an easy to reach location helps c-stores connect their consumers, even when accounting for different needs and shopping preferences.

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