7 SOI Stats That Made Us Say 'Wow'

Record profits, plunging gas prices and five other data points that had us picking our jaws up off the ground

NACS State of the Industry Summit

CHICAGO -- NACS’ State of the Industry Summit is all about data and trends. Here are seven statistics unveiled this week that had us picking our jaws up off the ground.

$10.6 billion

The convenience-store industry's pretax profit grew 1.6% from 2014, hitting this new record high. The overriding question hanging in the air, per RaceTrac president Billy Milam: "What are the odds for three consecutive record years?"


The average retail price of a gallon of gasoline in 2015, down from $3.40 the previous year.


The steep decline in gasoline prices put an extra $700 into the pockets of the average household. Where did it go? Motorists drove more miles, and consumers traded up to premium products—gasoline, beer and cigarettes, to name a few.

16 million

The number of new cars and light-duty trucks sold in 2015, a new auto-sales record. What were consumers buying? Lots of trucks (top four brands):

  1. Ford F Series: 695,143
  2. Chevy Silverado: 537,552
  3. Dodge Ram: 407,981
  4. Toyota Camry: 392,056

$10 billion

The collective cost of credit-card fees paid by the convenience-store industry was down for the first time in six years. "It's difficult to say I'm happy about $10 billion in credit-card fees, but that's down $1.4 billion from last year," Milam said.


Five years ago, energy drinks sold accounted for only about half the volume of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) in c-stores. Today, they equate to 82% of CSD sales. At this rate, energy drinks will overtake CSDs in the next three years.


Bagged candy, averaging $1,431 in monthly sales per store, surpassed chocolate bars ($1,320) in convenience-store dollar sales for the first time, according to CSX and Nielsen figures.