Franchisee Empire Grows

"Engaged operators" open brand-new 7-Eleven store on outskirts of Vegas

Abbey Lewis, Editor in Chief, CSProducts

LAS VEGAS -- Adding to their mini-empire of 7-Eleven franchises in the Las Vegas area, Todd and Chin Ferguson will open their fifth store on September 1. The newly constructed store, located on a corner on the city's outskirts, sits like an oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert.

These award-winning franchisees currently operate four other locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, Nev. This brand new, 2,800-square-foot store is a perfect addition to the couple's successful 23-year tenure with the brand.

Their awards from 7-Eleven include The Retailer Initiative [image-nocss] Award, the 7-Eleven Way Award and the Servant Leader Franchisee of the Year Award.

During CSP Daily News' visit to the site in June, the building was an empty shell, and the fuel island was still without pumps. On opening day, this store that sits on a dusty stretch of road, just down the street from two housing developments and surrounded by some temporarily vacant lots, will boast an array of fresh-meal items, a prominent full wall of cooler space (a 15-door vault) to the right of the front door and a comfortable office for the franchisee. The store will be manned by a team of 10 employees.

Todd is very optimistic about the store's positioning and potential: "We opened a similar location in 1998," he said, referring to the couple's store in Henderson. "There was nothing out here. Erase everything out here. Pretend it was desert. We were the only thing on that corner. This was a store where you risked your life to go from the front door to the gas pump to try and help someone because there were so many cars zipping in and out. It was so busy."

The new store "will be the only thing out in that area."

According to 7-Eleven president and CEO Joe DePinto, Todd and Chin have earned the success their franchises have brought them and will continue to bring them with the addition of the new store. "They are big supporters of 7-Eleven and the 7-Eleven brand," he told CSP Daily News. "They are engaged operators. They take a lot of pride in their stores. They treat their associates with a ton of respect and consequently they run a great operation. Their stores are clean, well-merchandised and their people give great customer service. So, yeah, I would put them right at the top."

Dallas-based 7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses approximately 7,800 7-Eleven stores in North America. Globally, 7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses more than 36,400 stores in 15 countries. During 2008, 7-Eleven stores worldwide generated total sales of more than $53.7 billion.

To read more about Todd and Chin Ferguson, read "Slurpee with Love" appearing in the September issue of CSP Independent magazine.

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