Grand Opening: Inside Boomshack Market

Abbie Westra, Director, Editorial, CSP

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Hospitals, hotels, a pro sports arena and neighboring St. Paul dining institutions keep the sidewalk in front of the Boomshack Market bustling. Opened in May 2017, here's a look inside the self-proclaimed bodega convenience store ...

Photography by David Bowman

“I’m the only woman business owner within 10 blocks,” said Trish McGovern, owner-operator of Boomshack Market in St. Paul, Minn. “I’m with the boys club here, and they’ve been good to me.”

Boomshack’s foodservice menu items include hot made-to-order food and a broad grab-and-go offering, including a build-your-own snack box.

A separate seating area allows guests to relax away from the buzz of the main store without being too disconnected from the action. During busy days, a dining-area window transforms into a checkout for fast ordering.

Classic movie posters decorate the dining area. The wall has become a magnet for selfie takers.

A floor-to-ceiling shelving unit at the back of the Boomshack store houses a variety of grocery items. The product mix balances c-store bestsellers with premium items and local favorites (in single- and multiserve packs), reflecting the store's diverse clientele.

A display near the checkout offers toys, games, gifts and greeting cards, targeted at guests of the two nearby hospitals. Boomshack fans have their pick of branded merchandise, including T-shirts and mugs. Big plans are in the works for a line of private-label products.

Boomshack is preparing for a rush of guests during the Red Bull Crashed Ice event, during which skaters will race down a 1,600-foot-long track to a 12-story drop in front of nearby St. Paul Cathedral.

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