QuikTrip Going on 'Scrape & Build' Spree

Retailer planning as many as 50 new stores during current fiscal year to replace older stores

TULSA, Okla. -- QuikTrip Corp. has broken ground in its backyard of west Tulsa, Okla., on the first of as many as 50 new convenience stores, reported The Tulsa World. The convenience chain plans to build 45 to 50 stores during its current fiscal year, spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh told the newspaper.

Tulsa-based QuikTrip has 660 stores in 11 states, including 69 in Tulsa once the west Tulsa location opens, probably in November or December. The company employs 13,500 people throughout its network, including 2,050 in Tulsa, the report said.

Those stores will include many relocations and what the company refers to as "scrape-and-build" projects where older stores are torn down and replaced, Thornbrugh said.

The west Tulsa store will be one of QuikTrip's "Generation 3" facilities, which are much larger than older stores, averaging 5,700 square feet.

"It's probably an area of Tulsa where we don't have the representation of stores that we would really like to have," Thornbrugh said. "This gives us the perfect opportunity to fill in a spot where we felt we need to be."

Once in operation, the store will feature a 16-vehicle gasoline service area and offer five fuel options, including ethanol-free gasoline (E0) and 10% ethanol gasoline (E10) and auto diesel, Thornbrugh said.

The store will have two front entries and two side entries.

Inside, customers will have access to self-service areas for drinks and food, as well as a full-service area where certain foods and hot drinks will be prepared for them.

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