Flash Foods Expands Loyalty Program

Expanded offering includes Pinnacle's LoyalDebit, LoyalPass

WAYCROSS, Ga. -- Flash Foods Inc. is expanding its Rewards in a Flash consumer loyalty program. The retailer will add two more features to its existing Pinnacle Corp.-supplied Loyalink loyalty program that will drive new payment options for consumers, with all functions supported from their existing loyalty card.

LoyalDebit, an ACH payment option, allows consumers to enroll their loyalty card as a payment card and use for payments. To offer the solution designed to battle the significant fees associated with traditional credit or debit transactions, Arlington, Texas-based Pinnacle has [image-nocss] partnered with electronic funds service bureau National Payment Card LLC, Boca Raton, Fla.

And LoyalPass, an option for consumers to register their loyalty card to enable a prepay fuel dispenser for post payment, is designed to reduce occurrences of fuel theft.

Consumers will be able to use a single card for all features. Adding a payment capability to loyalty and other nonpayment cards extends the MyCard technology applications that Pinnacle has licensed from E‑Micro Corp. under a software development arrangement for the petroleum convenience retail market.

"Rewards in a Flash continues to be a successful program for Flash Foods, and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the value of this card for our customers," said Jeannie Amerson, loyalty and advertising manager for Waycross, Ga.-based Flash Foods. "The expanded features of Pinnacle's Loyalink will give Flash Foods the technology needed to take our loyalty card to the highest level. Our customers will benefit from the ability to use their loyalty cards as a form of payment while getting additional discounts, and their continued support will drive revenue to our bottom line. This alternative payment method will allow Flash Foods to reduce the costs of processing credit/debit cards. And with customers utilizing the loyalty card to enable the fuel dispenser, our drive-off theft should be reduced drastically."

Drew Mize, Pinnacle's vice president of retail solutions, said, "By adding these new features to Flash's existing…Rewards in a Flash loyalty program, we perceive consumer loyalty and profits will both increase substantially. These new features will not only impact consumer convenience by adding payment and other options to their existing loyalty card, but reduces retailer transaction fees and reduces fuel theft at the same time; all on one card and with a single unified program that we have put together with our technology partners."

Flash Foods is focusing its marketing efforts to make sure its customers understand the benefits and rewards associated with the program, which has helped with the program's adoption rate. Click here (http://portal.pinncorp.com/Pinnacle/Default.aspx?tabid=1340) to view some examples of how our Flash Foods has been able to ensure the success of their loyalty program through marketing efforts.

Flash Foods operates a chain of 180 convenience stores in Georgia and northern Florida. A Pinnacle client since 1996, Flash Foods uses an enterprise-wide suite of Pinnacle applications.

National Payment Card markets ACH card-based payment systems. The company's primary product is the Payment Card, a retailer-branded program that provides consumers access to funds in their checking accounts so they can pay for goods or services. The Payment Card is not a credit or debit card that is linked through the national banking networks, but rather utilizes a user ID for consumer authentication and is processed through the National Payment Card ACH Payment Card network. A Payment Card can be a loyalty card, a membership card or driver's license.

E-Micro is an intellectual property development company. It holds U.S. patents on techniques for employing electronic credentials in conventional as well as new forms such as cards, cell phones, PDAs, RFID devices and other wireless technology devices. MYCARD technology gives retailers the ability to bundle the functionality of multiple uses into a single device. Consumers and retailers benefit from the convenience of having one device that can be used for payments (credit, debit, check), loyalty, ID and any card carried in a purse or wallet, eliminating the need to search through wallets at checkout time for the right card. E-Micro's technology covers existing magnetic stripe devices, cell phones, PDAs, and WiFi devices.

Pinnacle serves the automation technology industry, focusing on the c-store and petroleum industries. It delivers products that automate store operations and supply-chain management of fuel operations.