Monster no Danger to Consumers: CEO

Beverage-maker holds ground against fatality claims

CORONA, Calif. -- Monster Beverage Corp. CEO  Rodney Sacks met with investors this week and stood his ground in refuting that the company’s energy drinks are dangerous to consumers.

“Neither the science nor the facts support the allegations that have been made regarding the safety of Monster Energy products,” Sacks said Tuesday. “Monster reiterates that its products are and always have been safe.”

Sacks was responding to recent reports to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration that Monster Energy drinks were responsible for up to five deaths since 2009. See “Related Content” below for previous coverage by CSP Daily News.

“What is now happening is neither new nor unique,” Sacks said, comparing the probe to decades-old challenges to Coca-Cola regarding caffeine and other ingredients. “There are many similarities … to the current attacks on energy drinks.”

Sacks also made it clear that Monster is cooperating with the FDA.

“The company has been communicating with the agency to share data and information,” he said. “Monster welcomes the FDA’s conclusions to date. … Available studies do not reveal any new, previously unknown risk associated with caffeine consumption.”