Smells LikeLoyalty

Arthur Blank & Co. introduces the Scratch N' Sniff Card

BOSTON -- Arthur Blank & Co. Inc., a provider of card marketing solutions, has introduced the Scratch N' Sniff Card.

This card, which engages the sense of smell, is available in 120 enticing scents, and custom-designed scents are also available.

The Arthur Blank Scratch N' Sniff Card is a designed to enhance loyalty, rewards, membership or gift programs, the company said. They can also be used for direct mail programs, promotional programs and specialty cards and signs. The Scratch N' Sniff Card is available in all of Arthur [image-nocss] Blank & Co.'s standard products.

Last year, the company introduced the Talking Gift Card, which contains a recordable voice chip mounted to the company's patented RAC Card, that allows for the recording of a personalized message.

Boston-based Arthur Blank & Co. has the capacity to print up to 1.4 billion cards per year. Its cards are being used as hotel key cards; gaming cards; healthcare, insurance and banking cards; private-label credit cards; faux cards for direct mailings; ID, security and access cards; membership, association and loyalty cards; and gift cards. Other new products are the MirrorCard, the AB RecycledCard, CornCard USA, DualKard; and the Dura7 Card.