Special Reports

Convenience store trends, insights and ideas for understanding your c-store customers and marketing to the right audience in the right way.
arbys lto
Photograph courtesy of Arby's

Stop, look around and take in some of the most innovative LTOs from the past year.

40 healthy snacks

Here’s a guilt-free taste of some of the healthiest convenience-stores snacks, beverages and fresh foods launched in the past year.

cstore design opener

To help retailers stay ahead of the pack, CSP offers this list of design tips from convenience-store chains and independents, as well as people succeeding in both digital and brick-and-mortar.

retail foodservice
For years, c-store foodservice operations have been transforming their look and offering to compete with restaurants.
mystery shop opener
The results of the latest CSP/Intouch Insight Mystery Shop are in, showcasing 10 top retailers focused on creating five-star experiences and operations. The power of the Mystery Shop isn't just in the data—it's also in how the participants got those numbers.
man grabbing drink
What follows are 15 c-store chains—out of 27 participating convenience-retail brands tracked—within Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program that received the highest composite rating for beverage attributes from recent customers.
woman sitting on rail
In today’s market, some retailers are becoming synonymous with disruption: Amazon, Tesla, Uber and more. For the convenience-store industry, the most immediate and promising change is coming from within, and often from the smallest operators. What follows are 10 independent, innovative retailers who are truly breaking the mold.
High-quality, trend-driven food and beverages are table stakes for any good c-store foodservice menu. But why do customers walk through the door in the first place? And what chains are delivering on those need states?
girl scout cookie beverages
Drink rollouts that hit on key trends