Cheers, Express Mart Add Biometric Technology

Cashless payments to speed transactions

PADUCAH, Ky. Customers at Cheers Food and Fuel stores in Kentucky and Express Mart-Arnold in Missouri can use new cashless technology to pay for their purchases.

Both retailers have added technology from BioPay LLC, Herndon, Va., in their stores to give their check-writing, credit- and debit-card customers greater convenience when making a purchase.

"With BioPay payments, we are increasing convenience for our consumers while lowering our costs, said Kal Abhari, managing director for Arnold, Mo.-based Express Mart-Arnold [image-nocss] LLC, a 10-store chain. BioPay costs us 67% less than processing a credit- or debit-card transaction, and we can pass that savings along to the consumer.

The BioPay system uses consumers' unique finger images and their chosen BioPay number (usually a phone number) to authorize a secured debit direct from their checking account. The one-time enrollment can be completed at any merchant that offers the biometric-payment service, and the entire process takes less than two minutes. Once enrolled, the customer can purchase in seconds with their finger at any BioPay payment location across the United States. The BioPay service is free to the consumer.

"We are providing our customers with the most secure payment method available and, at the same time speeding up the checkout process for them," said Freddie Bobo, manager of Paducah, Ky.-based Cheers Food and Fuel, another 10-store chain. "With BioPay payments, consumer convenience is up and retailer costs are down.

Cheers is offering a free fountain drink to customers who enroll in BioPay at their store. After completing their first BioPay transaction, the customer will also receive a $2-off coupon for their next BioPay purchase over $15.