Desert Fuels Launches PowerFuel

Wholesale fuel supplier's iPhone app facilitates bulk fuel-purchasing


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Desert Fuels Inc., an emerging petroleum supply and logistics companies, has launched PowerFuel. PowerFuel is available in two versions: "Customer Access - Free-Forever" and "Premium Access" for a $10 monthly subscription.

"Customer Access includes unlimited, instant market information and alerts, and 24/7 wireless to conveniently order fuel, track it, view orders and receive phone and email support from live operators.

It is "an indispensable tool for those who take fuel-buying seriously," said J.J. Mancini, Desert Fuels' president and the force behind PowerFuel.

This app gives the user fuel price movements instantly, including sudden price-swings. And Desert Fuels' customers can use PowerFuel's fingertip functionality to quickly order fuel, track delivery, monitor order history and more.

PowerFuel ends the "murky, hit-and-miss game" of guessing the direction of the market by instantly informing users of their product's price movement at that moment, in their state or any state, the company said.

PowerFuel's automatic alerts report on tell-tale price-swings when the market's movement triggers user-customized, high and low thresholds.