Digital Ranking Profile: Phillips 66 (October 2017)

Jackson Lewis, Associate Editor

Phillips 66

HOUSTON -- CSP Daily News continues its series examining the ranking of the digital capabilities of the convenience-store industry’s largest and most influential chains.

This month’s featured profile is Phillips 66, placed at No. 10 with an overall score of 1.92 as of Oct. 12, 2017. The ranking platform is managed by Stuzo, a digital-product-innovation company focused on the convenience-store and fuel-retail industry with headquarters in Philadelphia.

The ranking covers 100 c-store chains, measuring each chain’s digital presence, including mobile commerce, mobile employee activation, connected car, website and social media. Each company is ranked on a points-based system with a score of 0 to 5 for each metric. Each metric is calculated using four more specific metrics. While this article examines the details behind the Phillips 66 ranking, it is meant more as a profile than an attempt to compare it to competitors.

Click through for details on where Phillips 66 stands in Stuzo’s C-Store Digital Ranking and information on the brand’s digital capabilities …

Mobile Commerce: 1.95

Phillips 66 mobile

Phillip 66’s overall score for mobile commerce is 1.95. Here's how it breaks down:

App Performance: 2.8
Mobile Payment: 0
Loyalty Program: 2.5
UX/UI: 2.5

Despite high scores in the website and social-media categories, the My Phillips 66 app “could use some improvements,” according to Aaron McLean, chief operating officer of Stuzo. He points out that while the app incorporates the KickBack Points card, which allows customers to earn points for purchases, customers need to buy a physical KickBack Points card before they can enroll on the app. The app would also benefit from offering gas prices by location.

Website: 3.71

Phillips 66 website

Phillip 66’s overall score for its website is 3.71. Here's how it breaks down:

UX/UI: 4.67
Loyalty Program Promotion: 3.67
Personalization: 2
App Promotion: 4.5 

McLean said each of the Phillips 66 brand websites are designed well and include useful content for consumers. The site includes tips on ways to save money, YouTube videos and chances to win free gas.

The My Phillips 66 app is promoted on the home page, where customers can be redirected to the app store. McLean’s suggested the site could be improved by moving the login location to a more convenient area on the site in order to allow customers’ easier access to track their earned rewards.

Social Media: 3.94

Phillips 66 social media

Phillip 66’s overall score for social-media use is 3.94. Here's how it breaks down:

Brand Responsiveness: 4.5
Frequency of Posts: 4
Creativity of content: 2.25
Level of Engagement: 5

The chain often includes “throwback Thursday” posts in its feeds of the Phillips 66 basketball team and of original stations. It also posts support for the St. Louis Blues hockey team and promotes its role as a Big 12 conference sponsor.

With nearly daily postings on Twitter and Facebook and weekly engagement on Instagram, the brand’s social engagement is high.

Connected car and mobile employee activation: 0

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 did not score in either the connected-car or employee-activation metrics, but this is not unusual for c-store chains on Stuzo’s list. These metrics are focused on the future; Stuzo predicts chains will put more resources into such initiatives as the industry evolves and becomes more tech-focused.

The mobile-employee-activation metric measures how chains increase employee productivity and work satisfaction through mobile-based programs. Connected car measures the chain’s use of a car’s "infotainment" system on the dashboard, which will become more common as the capabilities of car platforms expand further.

Houston-based Phillips 66 is a multinational energy company with a footprint of about 4,050 branded sites in the United States.

Stuzo is a digital-product-innovation company focused on the convenience-store and fuel-retail industry. It helps organizations humanize technology by designing, defining and delivering digital products that drive business outcomes.