Dipping a Toe in a Really Large New Pond

Dresser Wayne showcasing new dispenser powered by MS iX

LAS VEGAS -- A new member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner (WEP) Program, Austin, Texas-based Dresser Wayne is showcasing its new Ovation iX dispenser at the Microsoft booth at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas through Sunday.

Powered by the iX Technology Platform, which the company said is the only open-architecture solution in the retail fuel dispensing industry, the dispenser will offer consumers an unprecedented level of convenience and choices that extend far beyond simply selecting regular or premium fuels, [image-nocss] said the company.

Very soon, you'll be able to stop for gas on your way to work andwithout ever leaving the pumpbuy a cup of coffee and a lottery ticket, download an MP3, and check up-to-the-minute traffic reports, said Dan Harrell, senior director of marketing and product management for Dresser Wayne, a business units of Dresser Inc. The dispenser itself will be able to run a quick diagnostics report on your car, alert you when it's time for an oil change and even print out coupons for the lube shop down the street.

iX Media, a standard offering in the Ovation iX dispenser, allows consumers to watch full-motion, site-specific video commercials right on a dispenser-integrated 10.4-inch color display, with built-in speaker. Fuel customers can print customized coupons at the dispenser for in-store specials and other retail promotions.

The future of the fueling industry will most likely be dictated by the concepts surrounding retailing, said Neil Thomas, president of Dresser Wayne. Every day, tens of millions of Americans spend five minutes filling their tanks. If we can make those five minutes their most productive of the day, we not only add significant value to the consumer experience, we also help fuel retailers maximize the return on their technological investment. That retail focus is already beginning to shape a new vision of what fueling canand shouldbe.

The heart of the Ovation iX dispenser is Dresser Wayne's iX Technology Platform. Built on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system and using the Microsoft .NET Framework, the iX Technology Platform offers field-proven stability, scalability and adaptability across a wide range of applications, the company said.

Dresser Wayne said its scalable, open-architecture platform currently supports three product extensions, all designed to benefit fuel consumers and fuel retailers. iSense self-diagnostics software empowers the retailer to diagnose and troubleshoot potential site equipment problems before they occur and allows for off-site, real time monitoring of tank levels and flow rates. The Dresser Wayne iDPOS in-dispenser point-of-sale (POS) feature helps to ensure uninterrupted fuel and merchandise sales 24/7/365 by independently managing transactions and credit card sales at the dispenser, even if the in-store POS is off line, the company added.

iX Media, in addition to its multimedia capabilities, helps maximize customer loyalty and branding campaigns with detailed real-time consumer data reports.

The iX Technology Platform was designed to provide retailers with a wide range of modular, industry-specific applications that won't require them to change their existing in-store POS system or asset management software, said Harrell. Our continuing goal is to address both current and emerging needs, and we've just begun to dip our toe into a very large new pond.

Dresser Wayne partnered with fellow WEP partner member BSQUARE, a software solutions provider, throughout development of the iX Technology Platform. BSQUARE enabled Dresser Wayne to license best-in-class software products and operating systems, such as Windows CE.