Dresser Wayne, Additech Roll Out New Fuel Dispenser

Incorporates fuel-additive technology

AUSTIN, Texas -- Dresser Wayne, a global provider of fuel dispensers and technology, and Additech Inc., a leading North American outsourced operator of at-the-pump interactive merchandising systems, have rolled out the first fuel dispenser that incorporates the Additech fuel additive dispenser technology. The fuel additive injection system, on the Dresser Wayne Ovation dispenser, is in use at H-E-B fueling sites.

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Customers will now be able to add the Additech engine cleaning solution to their fuel at the dispenser making it convenient for motorists to maintain their fueling systems while they pump gasoline. The Additech system integrates into Ovation dispensers through the Dresser Wayne iX Media platform. It is installed, operated and maintained by Additech.

"Together, Dresser Wayne and Additech delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations and improved the fueling experience for our customers," said George Presses, director of petroleum marketing at San Antonio, Texas-based H-E-B.

"H-E-B customers appreciate the interactive Ovation dispenser with its Additech service offering, and H-E-B enjoys the profits this solution delivers," added James Aulds, vice president of petroleum marketing at H-E-B.

"This solution from Dresser Wayne and Additech allows retailers to increase their forecourt profits and in-store sales without a large investment in car wash or other forecourt technology," said Mike Carlson, president of Austin, Texas-based Dresser Wayne North America.

"Not only is the new Additech system on the Ovation dispenser easy and convenient for consumers, it also creates an attractive profit stream for retailers. These profits can be used to fund fuel dispenser upgrades, such as PCI compliance improvements, or to improve a retailer's bottom line," said Ralph Koehrer, CEO of Additech, Houston.

Additech is a leading outsourced operator of at-the-pump interactive merchandising systems. Its patented systems enable fuel retailers to merchandise a variety of products and services to consumers at the gasoline pump. The company's technology integrates with fuel dispensers and point-of-sale systems to offer retailers a complete merchandising solution. Additech offers its solutions to fuel retailers on a turnkey services basis; it manufactures, installs, operates and maintains its equipment on behalf of fuel retailers. Retailers receive a share of Additech's revenues, without having to make a capital investment while Additech is responsible for operating and maintaining the systems.

Dresser Wayne is one of the largest business units of energy industry infrastructure provider Dresser Inc. It offers self-service consoles and fuel blending dispensers, in-pump card readers and cash acceptors, in-pump radio frequency identification payment systems and dispenser-mounted touch screen payment/communication systems for gas stations. In addition, Dresser Wayne designs and markets software systems that enable its retail fueling customers to manage the convenience store aspects of their business more efficiently, including inventory control, price book management, labor management and site administration.