Dresser Wayne Fuel Dispenser Achieves PCI DSS Certification

Council says iDPOS in-dispenser POS application Data Security Standard compliant

AUSTIN, Texas -- Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, has announced that the PCI Security Standards Council has certified Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers featuring the iDPOS in-dispenser point-of-sale application as Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant.

Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers featuring the iDPOS option are an extension of existing Dresser Wayne payment and physical security products and are ideal for all fuel retailers who are concerned with protecting both their brand image as well as their customers' sensitive payment card data, [image-nocss] the company said.

Dresser Wayne's iX Pay secure payment and Dispenser Secure Access help retailers create a secure forecourt. As a further enhancement, Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers featuring the iDPOS application add protection for sensitive card information and encrypted data traffic between the dispenser and the store. Retailers can achieve an extra layer of security for their business and their customers, said the company,

"Dresser Wayne was the first to achieve PCI EPP 2.0 compliance, and we are now the first to achieve PCI DSS certification at the fuel dispenser," according to Tim Weston, payment systems product manager for Austin, Texas-based Dresser Wayne.

iDPOS in-dispenser point-of-sale, a module of Dresser Wayne's iX Technology Platform, helps maximize forecourt uptime by transferring the functionality of the in-store POS to the dispenser, the company said. Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers featuring the iDPOS option allow fuel transactions to continue even in situations where the connection between the forecourt and store is lost. Unlike competitive solutions, through the iX Technology Platform, Dresser Wayne provides a single foundation across the globe for all retail security products.

Available in the Dresser Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser, security solutions based on the iX Technology Platform support multiple screen options such as monochrome and color displays as well as iX Media digital merchandising and iSense remote diagnostics applications which are not supported by competitive outdoor payment solutions.Dresser Wayne is one of the largest business units of Dresser Inc. and a global leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of fueling forecourt solutions. Dispensers, payment platforms, control systems and technology from Dresser Wayne play an essential role in traditional and alternative fueling sites around the world.