Flash Foods Adding Value to GoBlue

Pinnacle extending partnership with NPCA to support inside, outside mobile payments

WAYCROSS, Ga. -- Flash Foods is deploying a new mobile payments solution for convenience petroleum retailers using The Pinnacle Corp.'s Palm POS and the National Payment Card Association (NPCA).

Flash Foods, based in Waycross, Ga., operates a chain of 172 convenience stores in Georgia and northern Florida. A Pinnacle client since 1996, Flash Foods uses an enterprise-wide suite of Pinnacle solutions.

The new mobile payments solution provides retailers with a mobile app customized with their branding that offers consumers a method of tendering fuel or merchandise purchases without having to use a payment card and employs a simple authorization code strategy. The solution extends a six-year partnership between Pinnacle and NPCA that provides retailers with a consumer-based ACH payment option to battle the significant costs of traditional card processing fees, allowing retailers to pass those savings on to the consumer and still add more dollars to the retailer's bottom line.

The mobile solution technology requires no cardholder data to be passed across the network, which makes the solution very secure and out of scope for PCI or data security best practices. The solution requires no changes to retailers' existing network infrastructure. NPCA offers retailers iOS and Android versions of the mobile application to capture the majority of consumer devices.

"We look forward to continuing to add value to our existing GoBlue ACH payment program, by deploying a mobile payment solution that is more convenient and secure than traditional payment options," said Jeannie Amerson, advertising and loyalty manager of Flash Foods. "Our goal here at Flash Foods is to continue to improve the shopping and payment experience for our customers. Mobile payments are the first step in promoting our new Flash Foods app. In addition to payment solutions, the app will allow us the opportunity to incentivize our customers to use their smartphones with customized rewards utilizing our Rewards in a Flash loyalty program."

"We are very excited about the launch of our mobile payments strategy, leveraging our existing and successful partnership with NPCA of many years and their portfolio of intellectual property," said Drew Mize, Pinnacle COO. "By providing a solution that's out of scope for PCI, is based on the foundation of standards that is being evaluated by PCATS, and designed to support both outside and inside payments this solution has potential for rapid deployment by any retailer using Palm POS."

NPCA, based in Coconut Creek, Fla., is a developer and marketer of PIN-based debit card and mobile payment solutions using the Automated Clearing House (ACH). NPCA is a member of the EFT Network, which is a part of the Electronic Check Council of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the rule-making body for all electronic funds transfers made through ACH.

Arlington, Texas-based Pinnacle is a leader in the automation technology industry focusing on the convenience store and petroleum industries. It delivers products that automate the broad spectrum of convenience store operations and supply chain management of fuel operations. Nationwide, Pinnacle's products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to automate and improve their store operations and by fuel marketers to increase their efficiency in the complex management of fuel delivery.