Flash Foods Picks Pinnacle's EPM Tool

Retailer adds new business intelligence suite

WAYCROSS, Ga. -- Flash Foods has purchased Arlington, Texas-based Pinnacle Corp.'s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), a recently launched web-based business intelligence suite. EPM is an analytical tool that retailers use to access, interpret and distribute store data from store level to corporate office.

"In order to manage loss prevention at a store level, you need to be able to measure it," said Chris Tiller, director of operations at Waycross, Ga.-based Flash Foods. "EPM will give us the measurement and reporting tools needed to immediately [image-nocss] manage and improve operational efficiencies at the store."

Modular and scalable, EPM offers retailers the option to add on solutions as their business grows. Once the initial point-of-sale (POS) data store module is in place, transaction information gets stored in a centralized database where it can be used by other systems. Since the data is available within minutes, it can be put into action before potential problems have a chance to escalate into full-blown emergencies. EPM integrates with other data sources such as Pinnacle Price Book to link information about products to transaction data for an unlimited number of different viewsby product classification, company organization, vendor/supplier or customer.

Over the years, we have been analyzing scan data utilizing a variety of systems. With the implementation of EPM, we will have a more centralized dynamic database with easy access, said Phil Settle, Flash Foods' director of marketing.

Flash Foods operates a chain of 182 convenience stores in Georgia and Northern Florida. A Pinnacle client since 1996, Flash Foods uses an enterprisewide suite of Pinnacle applications including Oasis Manager Workstation, Journal Manager, Palm POS, Retail Manager, Price Book, PCTrain and Loyalink.