GasBuddy Announces New Products

Rolls out business, native ad platforms, beacon technology, rewards and loyalty, more

GasBuddy for Business

WALL, N.J. -- Price-comparison gas app GasBuddy recently introduced several new offerings.

GasBuddy for Business is a new platform solution that provides independent retailers access to GasBuddy’s enormous consumer network.

Independent retailers will now have the ability to claim, manage and curate their individual station sites on the GasBuddy app and website, which will enhance their mobile presence and provide an instant network of consumers to drive in-store traffic using digital deals.

GasBuddy for Business also includes a version of PricePro Lite, which alerts station owners of nearby competitor prices.

With GasBuddy for Business Native, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and relevant retail establishments can now integrate their message and brand directly in the search results and map of the gas app, which will reach users in the context of their daily commute, road trips and business trips.

“GasBuddy users are already on the road and using the app to find good deals, making the native ads platform a relevant and effective way to drive attention to businesses within the GasBuddy ecosystem,” said Greg Fox, vice president of sales and business development for GasBuddy, Wall, N.J. “How many commuters are driving to work every day, looking for a great cup of coffee or on a road trip and looking for which exit has gasoline as well as food”

Drivers can click the native ad on the list page to navigate to the store specific page where all the content is controlled by the brand itself. Through the native dashboard, each brand has the ability to manage and curate their individual sites on the GasBuddy app like highlighting promotions, driving downloads of their app, changing logos, icons and tracking results.

GasBuddy is now offering free beacons along with a custom beacon dashboard to the entire gas station and convenience-store channel. Beacon technology provides c-stores and consumer packaged goods (CPGs) the ability to deliver personalized, highly targeted messages and location-specific offers to GasBuddy’s user network via their mobile devices. Through Bluetooth beacon technology, c-stores and CPGs will be able to increase pump-to-store traffic with hyper-local communication direct to the consumer; they can deliver highly personalized adverts, promotions and discounts to GasBuddy’s user base.

GasBuddy is also offering Coupon Portal, a tool that opens up new opportunities for CPG brands and convenience stores to move more inventory and increase basket size. CPGs will now be able to create targeted and custom coupons for consumers to redeem at gas station c-stores.

“Coupons have been widely used at grocery and drugstores for years, but not nearly as common in the convenience store channel,” said Fox. “Over 65% of consumers said coupons would greatly affect their in-store purchases. The GasBuddy Coupon Portal is a risk-free opportunity for CPGs and c-stores to move more inventory.”

GasBuddy has announce the availability of behaviorally targeted ads within the GasBuddy app to further promote relevant coupons to specific shoppers, further increasing sales and customers.

Also, OpenStore by GasBuddy, a complete digital marketing platform for convenience stores, has announced the availability of a loyalty and rewards solution. By allowing c-stores to build loyalty rewards directly into their own mobile apps, OpenStore is providing the ultimate solution in customer retention and mobile marketing, as well as convenience for consumers.

The new offering will allow c-stores to increase repeat customers and transaction size by taking advantage of a loyalty program that includes digital and print club cards, providing complete consumer coverage.

Unlike transaction-based programs, the OpenStore-powered mobile loyalty program is intuitively designed and provides instant gratification. C-stores will be able to create up to three club cards with customized rewards.

With OpenStore’s online analytics and reporting tools, retailers will be able to motivate customer behavior, and identify loyal customers to drive sales and customer retention.