GSP Adds Features to GSPSurveyor

Enhancements designed to offer insights into operational decision-making, more

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- GSP, a leading provider of retail services, has announced a new release of its proprietary site profile management platform GSPSurveyor. The release includes several new features designed to improve usability by operations and marketing departments of leading retailers.

DTI (Data Trust Indicator) is a new feature that helps retailers gauge the accuracy of their data. DTI settings can be configured for information that changes periodically, to automatically indicate when data is aging or has expired. Retailers can use DTI to visualize critical data points that may no longer reflect the real world conditions--providing insight into operational decision making.

The new Custom List feature allows store lists to be filtered to only show stores that match specific attributes and combinations. Retailers can use Custom Lists to help visualize their stores based on various attributes such as closest competitor, in-store assets or any combination.

GSPSurveyor's Online Survey tool now allows photos to be uploaded as part of the survey. This allows retailer to produce surveys that focus on compliance and execution audits, providing visual validation to survey responses and enabling store photos to be collected and organized quickly.

To help share insight from reports created by users, retailers can build and save frequently used data mashups and other custom reports for easy access and collaboration with other system users.

"GSPSurveyor's ability to collect photo responses raises the bar on store-level execution and compliance audits--and greatly helps improve accuracy of communication from the field," said Kevin Farley, GSP's vice president of marketing and technology. "DTI will also improve overall site profile accuracy and the new custom store lists and saved report features enable management to compile data and make more informed decisions faster. We are pleased to provide these new features as GSPSurveyor continues to be the industry-leading way for retailers to manage site profile data and transform it into actionable data."

GSPSurveyor is an enhanced store profile system that allows retailers to build and maintain store level details on various attributes as well as perform various surveys directly to the field level. The system features a built-in survey tool and a full screen web interface that is an intuitive, easy to use platform to monitor and maintain site specific data. GSPSurveyor Mobile enables managers to turn their strategic plans into store-level results by making better use of store-level intelligence. Store visit notes can be Captured via the GSPSurveyor mobile app to provide field insights in real-time.

Clearwater, Fla.-based GSP helps consumer-facing businesses with their store-level growth strategies. Its site intelligence software optimizes planning and enables store-specific retail execution. Its survey services help retailers know the details of every store to help improve capital expenditure decisions, store understanding and store support. Its design team provides foodservice graphic and industrial design solutions. And its point-of-purchase (POP) management team leverages expertise in design, production, fulfillment and data management to maximize return on in-store marketing efforts.