LIFT Retail Marketing Technology Leverages Loyalty-Building Experience

LIFT Station helps retailers engage shoppers

ATLANTA --LIFT Retail Marketing Technology Inc. said that its new loyalty product, the company's LIFT Station solution, uses point-of-sale (POS) technology that recommends upsell items to shoppers at the checkout counter based on what the shopper is buying.

The LIFT Station personalizes the experience for each shopper by presenting relevant offers with compelling digital ads on a touchscreen display while simultaneously engaging cashiers with a friendly sales script to help close the deal.

"Our retail customers have found that cashier enablement and engagement is the real key to providing great customer service and effective suggestive selling. Too many mobile apps leave the most important ingredient of out the equation--the cashier," said Wells Burke, CEO of LIFT.

The LIFT Station loyalty module enables retailers to enroll loyalty customers and further personalize each shopper's experience. LIFT can sell to shoppers based on the individual's past purchase history, accumulate loyalty points and execute "punch-card" style loyalty programs all from the LIFT Station's digital upselling screens.

The LIFT Station tracks every customer's purchases and seamlessly handles loyalty redemptions with the POS register.

"Loyalty is a natural extension of the LIFT platform. We started out with basket-relevant upsell suggestions, and our customers kept asking us how we could go even further to engage the shopper and create a unique loyalty-building experience that drives new trips and differentiates them from the competition" said Burke.

The LIFT Station is a POS digital marketing hub. When an item is scanned, the LIFT Station determines the best upsell offer based on what the shopper is buying, the retailer's promotional calendar, daypart, week-part, profitability and natural purchase affinities.

LIFT Station was recently recognized as a finalist in CSP's 2011 Retailer Choice Best New Product Contest.

Atlanta-based LIFT Retail Marketing Technology is a leader in interactive suggestive selling POS technology.