Mondelez Backs New Social Media, Ecommerce Strategies

Mobile Futures program encourages employees to be more entrepreneurial

Mondelez, Prankstr

DEERFIELD, Ill. --Candy manufacturer Modelez International is moving forward with its Mobile Futures initiative, having developed concepts by pairing internal teams with a venture-development firm and coming up with potential start-up companies.

Mondelez, a maker of chocolate, biscuits, gum and candy, announced it has teamed up with Prehype, a venture development firm based in New York, to launch two beta platforms: Prankstr, which allows users to prank their friends and share the experience through social networks, and Betabox, which distributes product samples through e-commerce companies.

Born out of Mondelez’s Mobile Futures initiative, which paired several of its product brands with startup entrepreneurs to drive mobile innovation, the concepts for Prankstr and Betabox were created by company employees.

“As part of the Mobile Futures program, we’re empowering our employees to be more entrepreneurial and providing them with a truly unique opportunity to execute on our mobile-first strategy,” said Bonin Bough, vice president of global media and consumer engagement at Mondelez. “Encouraging our marketers to come up with concepts like Prankstr and Betabox shows how bringing a startup mentality to our company can deliver innovative technologies to market and truly spark entrepreneurship.”

The ideas for Prankstr and Betabox were generated during the second phase of Mobile Futures, which aimed at creating and incubating completely new mobile ventures in just 90 days. After identifying the ideas, Mondelez employees partnered with venture developers at Prehype, who built and launched the products. Ultimately, both products are meant to be operated as standalone startups.

“It’s incredible to see a company as large as Mondelez International nurture an entrepreneurial culture, and we’re pleased to be a driving force behind this effort,” said Henrik Werdelin, managing partner at Prehype. “Beyond just encouraging employees to create ideas for totally new ventures, the company is providing initial funding, domain expertise and applying key learnings from its Mobile Futuresprogram to transform a concept into something real.”

Here are descriptions of the two concepts: