Nella Oil Trades Maps for Apps

Solution part of larger brand recognition strategy

Greg Lindenberg, Editor, CSP

AUBURN, Calif. -- Nella Oil Co. has launched a free iPhone/iPad app, the iFlyers CFN Fuel Site Locator. "The Flyers app is free [and provides] an easy way to find CFN cardlock locations," Steve Traversi, developer, told CSP Daily News. "Along with showing all locations within 25 miles of the user's current location, it also provides nationwide driving directions with CFN fueling locations along the route. Of course, we also provide a map and list view of all Flyers locations."

He added, "The Android platform is the fastest-growing mobile [operating system], and [image-nocss] we wanted to provide a solution for this device after having already released an iPhone/iPad version. We are also looking at developing an app for the BlackBerry."

David Jackson, director of commercial fueling for Nella Oil. said there has been a "tremendous response."

He said the app was developed to inspire loyalty. "We wanted to be able to drive people to our Flyers locations for retail, where we might offer a special, like $1 hot dogs, cents-off per gallon."

The company also wanted to eliminate expensive maps and printed brochures to its locations, he added.

Nella Oil Co. owns and operates Flyers and Olympian retail convenience stores in northern California. In addition, NELLA is a branded distributor of Chevron, Shell, and Valero fuels for both wholesale and retail customers. As the largest member of CFN (Commercial Fueling Network), NELLA operates two chains of cardlock fuel sites: Olympian in California and Western Energetix in Nevada. NELLA's transportation division comprises two fleets of fuel transports supplying independent dealers, jobbers, and other commercial end-users in California and Nevada, respectively.

The iFlyers CFN Fuel Site Locator is part of a larger effort to define the Nella Oil brand and to help unite the company's businesses.

According to Traversi, "The mobile apps are another component in an ongoing campaign to promote Flyers and our commitment to providing relevant tools for our customers and potential customers. Many users of our apps are in another part of the country and may never become a customer, but they will know the Flyers name and what a CFN network member is capable of."

The Auburn, Calif.-based company is bringing the Flyers brand to all of its unbranded sites by the end of 2011. (Click here for previous CSP Daily News coverage.)