Parker's PeopleMatter Progress

Retailer reveals improved labor stats derived from tech solution

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Known for embracing technology, the 27-store Parker's chain revealed statistics from a study on how its technology solution provider helped it improve on hiring and training processes.

The solution, provided by Charleston, S.C.-based PeopleMatter, addresses assessments, background checks and tax credits and reduced The Parker Cos.' time-to-hire by 57.14% and cut turnover by 24%. To date, the company has seen a savings of $365,976 from turnover reduction alone.

PeopleMatter's platform streamlines human-resources processes for the company's 27 locations throughout southeast Georgia and southwest South Carolina. The study by Nucleus Research Inc. found Parker's experiences an annual ROI of 1,242% and an annual benefit of $842,374.

Before PeopleMatter, Parker's used several "point" solutions, or software that addressed specific segments of the hiring and training process. The PeopleMatter product is a mobile platform that helps the chain manage people, processes and paperwork online all with one technology solution.

Today, Parker's uses PeopleMatter HIRE solution to formalize HR practices while quickly identifying, tracking and hiring candidates who are a good cultural fit. In addition, HIRE provides optional candidate assessments, background checks, tax credit prequalification and I-9 verification to simplify onboarding.

"With the amount of applicants we receive now, we can be pickier about who we interview and hire," said Beth Harn, HR manager for Savannah, Ga.-based Parker's. "At the moment, we have 6,454 applicants in the system with a projection to hire approximately 250 employees each year. That's a pretty good deal."

Harn said her favorite feature is the automated onboarding process. "I remember life before onboarding with PeopleMatter. I was the person who had to travel to each site to help new hires fill out the paperwork."

Streamlining Parker's onboarding process reduced the time spent onboarding by 75%, getting new hires in the door and working three days faster. The company now saves $14,404 a year in onboarding labor. Additionally, Parker's was able to reduce the time spent on new-hire orientation by 816 hours.

Parker's also selected PeopleMatter' LEARN solution to replace a training system that the Parker's team found to be overly problematic. Previous challenges included uploading difficulties and inaccurate results. For example, it took over a month to create and execute a course. With LEARN, the chain's more than 350 team members can access online training materials and social tools to extend their development and skills. LEARN reduced the time it takes for Parker's to create and deliver training material by 825%.

"With our last system, people developing training had to travel to a two-week training course to learn how to use it. Going live with LEARN took two hours on the phone with PeopleMatter customer support--it was so simple," said Harn. "The one question we've had since we adopted LEARN took under 10 minutes to figure out. With our last program we were on the phone four hours one time and still couldn't work out the problem."

PeopleMatter provides free support, over the phone or online. This service saves Parker's an average of $3,040 a month in tech support.

"Parker's is known for our sweet tea. The sweet tea at Parker's No. 27 is supposed to taste like the tea at location No. 1," said Harn. "With online learning management through LEARN, it's easy to train our team so that the tea tastes every day at every location."

Another feature the Parker's team enjoys from the PeopleMatter Platform is the mobile app offered with the newest module, PeopleMatter SCHEDULE product.

While the latest PeopleMatter solution is too new for Parker's to report on ROI, the feedback has been incredibly positive.

"SCHEDULE works for us and for our team. Our employees love, love, love the app. They can get their schedule on their phones and offer up shifts to other team members," shared Harn. "We have a team that floats and works call-ins. SCHEDULE has made it easy for these team members to step in and ensure 100 percent coverage. Not only do they like the system better, but it takes stress off of our managers and myself."

"PeopleMatter's integrated platform gives industry-leading c-stores, like Parker's, a competitive advantage in today's ever-changing technology-driven landscape," said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and CEO. "It's a real validation of the platform to see Parker's making the most of our solutions and seeing such impressive ROI."