Pester Marketing Launches Five Newly Designed Websites

Company is parent to Alta Convenience, Alta Fuels, Alta Transportation, Alta Lubricants

Pester Alta Convenience, Alta Fuels, Alta Transportation, Alta Lubricants (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)

DENVER -- Pester Marketing Co. has launched the revamped and revised Pester Marketing, Alta Convenience and Alta Fuels websites, in addition to the unveiling of the new Alta Transportation and Alta Lubricants division websites.

"All five sites were developed to be an informative and engaging on-line communications tool for customers, prospects, vendors and employees," said Rich Spresser, president and CEO of Pester Marketing. "Each website is shaped both in content and design to further promote the extent of the integration between all Alta companies."

Pester Marketing's convenience store division customers will also be able to access individual pages created for each of the 57 Alta Convenience locations across Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico. Each page contains information such as address, hours of operation, c-store features, fuel grades offered, payment types accepted, special promotions and deals.

Visitors can access any of the Alta division sites by visiting the Pester corporate site and selecting a specific division. Additionally, the company has created separate URL addresses for each division for those visitors preferring direct access to a particular Alta site:

Denver-based Denver Website Design built the Pester Marketing and Alta websites.

Pester Marketing (dba Alta Convenience and Alta Fuels) is a privately held corporation in business for more than 60 years with 57 gasoline convenience stores located in four states: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico.

In addition to the retail side of the business, Denver-based Pester Marketing's wholesale subsidiary, Alta Fuels, is a major supplier of transportation fuels and a pioneer in biofuels, both E85 and biodiesel. Alta Fuels also carries a full line of ExxonMobil lubricants and serves customers in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. The company also owns and operates its own fuel transportation company, Alta Transportation.

In 2013, Pester Marketing Co. established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making 11% of the company employee-owned.