Top Colleges for Drinks, Snacks, Condoms and More

Jackson Lewis, Associate Editor

go puff

PHILADELPHIA -- Convenience delivery service GoPuff has been tracking the purchases of its college customers. And after two years of delivering everything from beer and ice cream to school supplies and sex toys, its reached some interesting conclusions.

The c-store chain without a store has compiled a list of colleges and universities that order the most items in a specific category, including energy drinks, spicy snacks, ice cream, condoms and more.

The data was compiled from the more than 50 colleges Philadelphia-based GoPuff served in the United States during the 2017 to 2018 academic year.

Here's a look at which colleges' students indulge the most ...

Energy drinks

gopuff most likely to pull an all nighter

GoPuff found that students attending University of Pennsylvania are five times more likely to pull an all-nighter than the average college based on energy drink sales. The top four schools in this category are:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Pennsylvania State
  3. University of Arizona (Tucson)
  4. Syracuse University in New York

Spicy snacks

gopuff spiciest school

The mobile c-store found that students attending Penn State order four times as many spicy snacks as the average college student body. The top four in the category:

  1. Pennsylvania State
  2. Syracuse University
  3. University of Arizona (Tucson)
  4. Indiana University

Ice cream

gopuff ice cream

University of Pittsburgh students are 1.5 times more likely to order a pint of ice cream than students at the average college, according to GoPuff’s data.

  1. University of Pittsburgh
  2. Duquesne University in Pittsburgh
  3. Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.
  4. Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.


gopuff booty call capital

GoPuff dubbed Syracuse University the "booty call capital." Students there ordered nearly five times more condoms than the average school.

  1. Syracuse University
  2. Pennsylvania State
  3. Drexel, University of Pennsylvania
  4. Temple University in Philadelphia

Hangover recovery

gopuff most hungover

GoPuff dubbed University of Arizona (Tucson) five times more hungover than the average school based on the quantity of hangover-recovery products its student body ordered.

  1. University of Arizona (Tucson)
  2. Pennsylvania State
  3. Syracuse University
  4. Drexel, University of Pennsylvania

Sex toys

gopuff most likely to have a sock on the door

And the students of Indiana University ordered more than five times the amount of sex toys than the average school, according to GoPuff.

  1. Indiana University
  2. University of Arizona (Tucson)
  3. University of Wisconsin (Madison)
  4. Northern Arizona University