Technology news affecting the convenience store industry
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Technology can now apply personalized deals

ADDISON, Texas -- Koupon Media and Skip have partnered to deliver mobile offers to convenience-store shoppers. The partnership allows Koupon Media to send CPG-funded offers to customers as they shop using Skip's technology. Skip’s technology allows retailers to implement a self-checkout process for...

Mission Taco Joint
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With so many customer elements depending on reliable internet connectivity, experiencing internet outages during peak business hours was not only challenging to staff but frustrating for customers as

Brought to you by RocketBroadband™. Live coverage of the week’s top games, the latest music and great food comprise the coveted ambiance at Mission Taco Joint. Serving up “a unique street taco experience” with a dash of West Coast flair, this popular foodie spot has blossomed into a full-service...

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Take a tour of the first Amazon Go outside Seattle

Outlook 2018
Disruption was a key theme during Outlook Leadership 2018
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Skip connects with PDI’s back-office pricebook software
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Former Merchant Customer Exchange member expands digital-wallet acceptance
And 5 tips for fighting back
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It seems there’s a new cybersecurity threat uncovered every day. Good news, though: There are ways to keep stores secure, in spite of these vulnerabilities.
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Implementation for more than 1,200 units took 14 weeks
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Company searching for retailers to integrate system into their own stores