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Ranksort descending Chain Name No. of Stores Last Year’s Rank
#196 Heritage’s Dairy Stores 34 #189
#201 Ultimart 32 #192
#202 Par Hawaii Inc. 33 #174
#202 Pitt Stop 33 #189
#202 Buc-ee’s 33 #192
#202 Haag Oil Co. 33
#202 Mega Co-Op 33 #161
#202 Rotten Robbie 33 #189
#202 Speedy’s Food Stores 33
#202 American Gas & Oil 31



For year-over-year benchmarking purposes, CSP's Top 202 is a list of the largest convenience-store chains ranked by U.S. store count as of Dec. 31, 2017. Any pending sales are not included, with the exception of 7-Eleven’s acquisition of 1,030 Sunoco sites—which was announced in April 2017 but not final until January 2018—due to the extreme impact of the sale. Technomic believes its sources of information are reliable, but it does not assume any liability for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information published.

Some caveats: 7-Eleven’s numbers reflect the 1,030 stores it acquired from Sunoco. Andeavor numbers reflect the chain’s store count before its pending merger with Marathon Petroleum. Kroger’s c-stores were sold to EG Group in early 2018; inclusion of EG Group’s name is for convenience. RaceTrac and Raceway stores have been separated due to their unique business models.

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