Power 20: The Deal Makers

Power 20: The Deal Makers

Alex Miller

Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. is big—and judging by its five-year “Double Again” strategy

Power 20: The Deal Makers

Brian Johnson

Casey’s primarily grows though new construction, seeking out markets that fit the company strategy: small communities, often lacking a full-size grocery store.

Haugh—formerly president of fuel supply and distribution giant Mansfield Energy—said Parkland USA will have a strong focus on retail growth for 2020

Polly Flinn has a message for any privately owned c-store chains looking to sell: Join the Giant Eagle family.

Gheysens is also building on Wawa’s innovation cred in the year ahead.

CEO Simon Richards is intent on preserving the brand’s marketing magic.

For Jenny Love Meyer, growth isn’t about store count.

Amid rebuilds and acquisitions, maintaining quality customer service is the key to consistent growth

QuikTrip is growing with its Gen3S store, a design slightly smaller than the previous more than 5,000-square-foot Generation 3 mode

Arie Kotler can sum up GPM Investments’ M&A strategy succinctly: “There is no deal too big or too small.”

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