Yummy.com has offered same-day online delivery of groceries in the Los Angeles area since before it was cool, back in 2002. One explanation for the concept’s longevity is its attention to the local community. Co-founder and CEO Barnaby Montgomery is as concerned with the lives of his clients and consumers as he is the bottom line. “We’re not just a virtual business,” he says. “We’re a part of the neighborhood.”

Yummy.com is the online grocery store for Los Angeles. Any order placed through the platform must total a minimum of $14.99, and the delivery fee is $6.99. Deliveries are made in 30 minutes or less, and the delivery fee is waived on orders of $125 or more. The company also runs six brick-and-mortar locations in the area for customers who want to take a more hands-on approach to grocery shopping.

Just as Yummy.com reinvented grocery shopping for the LA area, it’s been reinventing itself ever since.

The concept now includes a customer rewards program, and a mobile app is in development. Also, Montgomery and his team recently rolled out a new program called Room Service. For as little as $2 per unit per month, landlords or apartment complexes can offer their tenants free delivery on orders from Yummy.com. Tenants can even order from a custom Room Service web page. “In addition to a pool, a parking spot, a jacuzzi or a gym, they can also offer Room Service,” Montgomery says.

“It’s not without emotion. This is life people are living,” he says. “We’re trying to deliver them a better life. By helping a third party, in this case the community, build a relationship with their tenant, the three pieces of the relationship are stronger together. And that’s the instinct with Room Service.”

“We’re trying to deliver them a better life.”