Mike Fogarty’s Choice Market keeps living up to its name. The omnichannel c-store he opened in Denver in late 2017 is doubling down on convenience.

The 2,600-square-foot store offers options such as online and app ordering, delivery, traditional checkout and self-checkout, so customers have multiple ways to interact with the brand.

“We certainly had some learnings given the new business model, extended operating hours and complex supply chain, but it ultimately made us stronger as a team and will help us as we grow Choice,” says Fogarty, founder and CEO.

Fogarty’s second Choice location will open in the second half of 2019. Along with a 2,700-square-foot store, the site will feature fuel pumps, electric-vehicle supercharging, a bike-share terminal, electric-scooter charging stations and a solar canopy. And Choice has partnered with Ava Retail, Redmond, Wash., to enable frictionless checkout, which uses artificial intelligence, computer vision and the internet of things to track customer purchases within the store.

“Technology is core to our business model and will continue to play an even more important role in the next iteration of Choice,” he says. “At a high level, we are evaluating and implementing technologies that can improve or expedite the customer experience, reduce non-value-added activities and reduce our carbon footprint.

“As founder and CEO, my role is to help define what that future will look like, foster relationships and resources and, most importantly, hire great people who will lead the future of Choice.”

45 minutes—Guaranteed home delivery time for any product from a Choice Market store