Power 20: The Futurists

Power 20: The Futurists

Gina Hitz

Before assuming leadership of IT in 2014, Gina Hitz spent 19 years in store development, where she applied an education in architecture and civic engineering.

Power 20: The Futurists

Mike Templeton

Mike Templeton doesn’t care what “used to work.”

Emily Sheetz doesn’t use the word “disruption.”

Jenny Bullard politely chuckles when she meets young IT types who don’t know they’re using NACS technology standards.

Scott Zaremba is the thinking man’s retailer, a restless soul always looking for some way to improve on the status quo.

Skip Potter has spearheaded the information technology and in-store automation at convenience-store chain R.L. Vallee for more than 40 years.

Yummy.com has offered same-day online delivery of groceries in the Los Angeles area since before it was cool, back in 2002.

The tallest office building in Denver contains one of the city’s tiniest convenience stores.

Scott Simon joined drive-thru chain Swiss Farms in 2016 from the resort and casino industry to begin a complete retooling of the stores and to implement an enhanced customer experience through technology.

Seattle is home to an online pioneer who is nudging the c-store industry past the brick-and-mortar retail wall.

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