Living Life Without a Life Vest

Jim Fisher, Founder and CEO, IMST Corp.

Article Preview: 
Why does one do something like that? It must be the fact that when a moment of opportunity that you know will happen only once presents itself, you just have to go for it, knowing that it is the right thing to do.
I had that very feeling just the other day while visiting a new retail facility that had been open only a few days. It’s a project with which our company had been very involved and that took the retailer more than four years to develop. All of the retail assets of this company are of the highest class and perform at extremely high levels. Was this a monumentally expensive project? You betcha. It required an extremely high level of risk. This company recognized the long-term value in assuming that risk. Where so many others had looked at the mere land, this company envisioned all of the possibilities that land presented, and the success that could be realized.
We have been involved with many projects in support of our customers that have been difficult and arduous for them, some requiring several years to bring to life. It is the fewest of the few that step up, hold up, put up and finally produce a platinum class of facility that serves their employees, customers and community. 
There are risks involved with nearly every project undertaken by members of this industry, and no life vests are handed out. Go ahead—get in that boat and have the ride of your life.


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