2012 Summit Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Leo V., your secret is safe with us.

V.G., we tried to getsomeone to take yourshoes—but really,who could fill them?

BR hears R.N. goes sofast on his snowboardthat he needs pads forhis entire body.

BR hears that a largechain and POS supplierin Atlanta are testinga mobile app for payingat the pump.

BR thinks P.F.’spresentation was“obsene” (sic).

One retailer’s veryhonest, and anonymous,commentaryon the Great Recession:“Recession?What recession?”

Welcome to the biz,S.H. We’re sureyou’ll craft somethinggreat for ourindustry.

Big D? Expect the biggestc-store chain toget even bigger.

East Coast vs. WestCoast: Which majorM&A deal willbreak first?

A forward-thinkingIllinois c-store retaileris testing an in-storevideo offering thathighlights not onlypromotions but alsosocial media.

J.M., the makers ofLipitor are gratefulfor your voluntarydrug testing.

T.K., if you really arecoming out, BR willnot judge.

Cricket, anyone? Wehear P.B. and R.S. arelooking to start up ac-store league.

After a two-generationtragedy,one Midwest chainis experiencing arebirth.

A favorite insightfrom the summit:Don’t creep out yourcustomers.

KT, BR is glad youknow we’re watching.

“Get to the heat map!”It’s not “Predator,” butit’s still seeing the heat.

What BR learnedabout John Z.: If theshoe fits, he’ll wear it.

R.C., that was 50years ago? You can’tbe that old.

M.Z., we’ll missyou. Good luck inBentonville.

G.T. smells a “skunk.”

Steve B., Jim D. andtheir wives aremaking the gym acouples’ night.

BR caught someindustry bigwigs“bumping” with theirclothes on in themiddle of TheCapital Grille.

No snow-removalcosts also meant lowercar-wash sales. Sorry,D.M.

Dave F., glad youmade it home safelyfrom your backwoodsadventure!

Forget the drillingrig—P.T. would ratherspend his kids’ collegefunds on the house.

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