April 2013 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

“Lipstick on a collar,” R.C.? BR thinks K.T. forgot that story on purpose.

Could an acquirer become a seller? BR hears a chain known for buying may be looking to divest some assets.

BR hears we might want to hire J.D. as a golf adviser for our next event.

Happy 80th anniversary to NOCO, one of the best-run operators in the industry.

Best wishes to Rick Anger, who retired from Hatco after 30 years with the company.

When a Smith marries a Smith, the circle is complete. Right, Martha L.?

Frozen minnows? Who knew? Thanks for the stories, M.S.

BR thinks we should start calling V.P. “Mr. President.”

Bob B., good luck to Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Good luck, T.M., on trading the world of c-stores for one in which security is even more of an issue.

BR hears T.C. is totally crazy about FitBit.

Looks as if one Tennessee retailer is trimming the fat.

BR wonders how long J.M. can keep postponing her move.

Watch for the blinking lights: It’s a Tennessee retailer’s new pumps.

BR, collecting tales of Thailand adventures since 1998. Thanks B.B., C.L. & M.S.!

One Northeast retailer is considering expansion—just not with c-stores.

BR assumes A.P. will double-check his itinerary before his next conference.

Where does the pizza guy work? In many small towns, it’s probably Casey’s.

Lesson learned: Never build an office over the car wash.

When we need a car painted, we’re hunting you down, P.V.

Watch for a Wisconsin marketer to start taking retailing more seriously in the wake of a pretty

big purchase.

We can’t all be the “Bud guy,” M.S. Someone has to sell the gasoline.

BR hears a Minnesota retailer got fed up with newspapers not selling in his store and canceled the whole



One Southeast retailer may be looking for a new loyalty program.

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