August 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Joe C., you never did tell us how that goat  face tasted. Like chicken?

Something in the food? Those boys from a certain large New Jersey retailer sure can shake a leg and sing a tune.

Congrats, Julie H., on your upcoming bundle of joy—what a great early Christmas present!

BR hears a large travel-center chain is pondering a gasoline focused future.

Who knew Dana E. has shared the stage with some serious musical acts? We suspected there was metal edge about you.

Hey, Jack C., when do we get to test your home brew? Our mailing address is on p. 6.

BR sends best wishes and good luck to Marty Monserez in all his future endeavors.

BR hears J.J. has tied several stores together to form a Midwest buying group.

J.V., glad that you and J.D. are pals now!

J.R., some of us will never be ready for karaoke.

Don’t worry, Gregg B.: BR will get around to that in-depth report on your loyalty program any day now.

Thanks, Gilbarco! Seems you recently brought a little luck to BR’s lowly Chicago Cubs.

To Jason L. in New Brunswick: “Doubling your store count” is just as exciting whether that means adding one store or 200!

Cheers to Spinx CFO Stan Storti for working the register at a store that raised $3,946 for the March of Dimes.

BR hears a big Midwest chain is trying made-to-order deli sandwiches at 12 sites.

In an elevator wearing a white robe, sunglasses and not much else? Don’t worry, L.S.; We’re sure no one noticed. (Well, there was that one woman who hurried on her way!)

Antique marbles? A Batman utility belt? B.D., you’re full of surprises.

BR forecasts sunny days ahead for industry legend Jim Keyes.

Can anyone belt it out like Allison M.?Another fine showing at After Dark!

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