CSP's Midyear Category Management Update 2017

In the race for c-store CPG sales, the story is more tortoise than hare for the first half of 2017

Abbey Lewis, Editor in Chief, CSProducts

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

These items represent the top-selling products by category, as measured by velocity by McLane, in the six months ending June 30, 2017.

Pretty impressive: That’s how Susan Viamari, vice president of thought leadership for IRI, Chicago, describes the convenience-store industry’s performance over the past year. The channel accounted for  about one-third of overall dollar-sales growth in consumer packaged goods (CPG) during this time frame. And its store sales grew at about twice the rate of all retail: 2.8% year-over-year growth vs. 1.4% growth for all channels.

This is happening at a time when all channels are struggling to gain momentum on unit sales, Viamari says. And price deflation in some key categories—such as milk, eggs, nuts and meat—is providing headwinds for dollar-sales growth.

But there are signs that 2017 is heading into tougher territory.

Do c-store retailers have cause to be cautious or optimistic? Read on for the opportunities and challenges in the four biggest c-store CPG categories for the remainder of 2017.

Table of Contents

Top Movers: Give Them a Deal

Beverages: Bottled Water and Booze Bubble Up

Candy: Gummy Grows and Seasonals Surge

Snacks: Has the Snack Craze Crested?

Tobacco: Cigars and E-Cigs Buoy Sales

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