December 2012 Back Rumor

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Best wishes to Coca-Cola’s Joe Burke, who’s retiring next month. Joe, thanks for all your hard work and leadership over the years!

BR hears an East Coast chain is exploring a futuristic “green” store.

A Midwest chain is considering NFL symbols and visuals when designing its new look.

Looks as if L.G. is planning to extend his taco success with a potential new store. Best of luck!

L.S., gotta love those wee donkeys.

BR had an interest­ing conversation with the industry’s leading “condom-ologist” at a recent health-and-wellness networking event.

BR hears one East Coast chain is contem­plating turning e-cigs into its own category with at least five SKUs

One woman’s garbage is another woman’s proudest moment. Right, Lisa D.?

A big drop in unem­ployment makes one Boston-area opera­tor optimistic about hiring.

Something’s cooking at an oil company’s lab store.

BR hears a beer-industry bigwig has been spending a lot of time in wine country. You know what they say about variety.

What’s wrong with selling wine next to automotive, M.P.? They’re both lubricants.

Could another private-equity entity be up for sale? Stan S. thinks so.

BR hears an expe­rienced category manager is open to job offers in north­ern Illinois. Good luck, M.S.!

One Northeast chain says it’s now competing directly with dollar stores and their changing product mix.

Look out for a new social-media strategy from a N.C. operator.

BR hears a major CPG manufacturer is staffing up its c-store division.

T.C., a fan of Big Brother? I don’t think so!

So if BR understands this correctly, there are electric-car people and then there are the “normal people.” Is that right, E.B.?

Tom Kloza, “the Fuel Whisperer.” Who knew he was so sensitive?

BR hears Ed B. learned recently that being on TV isn’t as easy as it looks.

Wait a minute, S.H.: What were you doing in the nooks and crannies of Bourbon Street!?

M.S., we hear that everyone knows your name because you’re such a loyal customer!

BR sends best wishes to Jeff Leedy, who retired from Rutter’s last month. Enjoy time with your wife and grandkids!

Ethnicity may tie into the level of carbon­ation some consum­ers want, D.B. says.

Brenda B., you’ve made us all hungry for homegrown mini cucumbers.

Hang in there, B.B. You’ll get out on that boat someday, and we bet the fish will be biting.

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