February 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

BR hears a certain Midwest powerhouse is quietly scooping up stores.

Three in Tulsa, four in the Carolinas, one in Kansas City, Wichita, Texas … QT just keeps building.

Congrats to Karin Thrift on winning Clif Bar’s Mary Erickson Award!

Pork-rind appreciation day on Super Bowl Sunday? It’s a goal for Mark S.!

BR bids a fond adieu to Martine C. All the best on your next adventure.

Something free is a-brewin’ at RaceTrac.

Joe B., we think you’re a modern marvel yourself! Congrats on your TV appearance.

BR hears neckties are on the endangered species list around Nice N Easy.

You must have had mad insight, C.L., to have a stadium built next to your Midwest store.

Pete H., hope you get to use that shiny new snowblower soon … or not!

BR hears the drug channel is becoming increasingly competitive on its tobacco and OTP products.

A very belated congrats to Jack C. on his daughter’s marriage! We hope the newlyweds are doing well.

Is 2012 the Year of the Grilled Cheese? Based on menu instances from highbrow to low, BR sure thinks so.

The sun is not F.W.’s friend.

Buying software to track theft doesn’t help if the thief is the store manager, says Paul M.

Do they have hairnets in Texas, C.S.?

A.L. and S.J.: Great to meet two moms ready to meet the challenge of new babies just as the eldest children graduate high school. You’re not alone!

K.F., BR hears recent actions of yours put you in the category of Best Dad Ever.

At least one industry watcher says convenience retailers should keep an eye on vending, both as a competitor and as partner. Don’t fret, Cathy D.: We all have a cousin with some “interesting” habits, but we don’t let that keep us off Facebook.

One Southwest c-store chain is still trying to hit the right note with social media.

When do we all get to ride the plane to Napa, T.J.?

The similarities between a certain upstate N.Y. dairy’s convenience stores and those of a well-known chain aren’t lost on the chain’s execs.

Buck up, J.C. Your youth and nationality are benefits as far as BR is concerned!

C.N., BR wishes we had such a sporting degree to brag about! 

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