January 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

BR hopes for good things for a major Mid-Atlantic chain in the wake of recent leadership changes.

BR sends hearty congratulations to the Dickens family on new additions Greyson and Charlotte!

Prithee, BR doth hear that a descendant of The Bard maketh a home in Texas.

BR is seeing Big Oil embracing a loyalty war, with new programs coming out this year.

Sounds as if Phoenix will be seeing more of B.M. in 15 years.

BR detects the aroma of some new comfort foods in the West.

V.G., we may have to send you to Gadgets Anonymous.

C.B., congrats on your next half-marathon. Wish it were more enjoyable for you!

BR hears the sound of a big chain licking its chops at opportunities in the Carolinas.

Wanna hear a bad mascot joke? Just ask J.M.

Keep your eye on the Mid-Atlantic, where one retailer has bold plans for new stores and redesigns in 2012.

BR hears a small chain in the Southeast is considering a short-and-sweet store greeting over a longer sales pitch. M.L., after hearing that Bruno Mars story, we think your hubby is a keeper.

A Texas retailer in a military community is expecting carepackage shopping to drop as troops from Iraq come home.

How do you kill the competition in flowers? Sell silk ones, says K.F.

BR hears Ken G. is probably not an ideal choice as a role model for your children’s undergraduate experience. BR hears former Pantry CEO Pete Sodini is traveling a lot in retirement. Not because he has wanderlust, but because his wife wants to keep him too busy to think about going back to work.

Maybe S.S. can beam his wife to the next meeting. Happy belated anniversary!

The way to H.H.’s heart is through her pets.

Congrats on your new job, B.K., and let’s hope the California market gets better.

J.Z., don’t be shy. The camera loves you.

BR hears a N.Y. c-store chain owes a big thankyou to a full-service Cleveland restaurant in for its new line of sandwich melts.

So, J.P., you were one of only two members of your college Young Republicans Club and you still couldn’t get elected to its leadership?

Hope the “say nothing until it’s open” marketing strategy works, D.S. 

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