January 2013 Back Rumor

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Christmas came early for Julie H. of NPD and her husband. Congrats on a beautiful baby girl!

BR hopes S.O. and C.C. are mended after their scary encounter with a tree in November.

Welcome back from Haiti, A.C. The work you do is admirable.

What was once a promising foodservice design has become little more than a glorified storage area for many recently debranded retail sites in the East.

BR sniffs something smoldering at a Southeast chain.

As 7-Eleven’s acquisi­tion streak continues, one BR source says to consider possible contenders in eastern Missouri and south­west Illinois.

“Hanging out”: We hear it’s coming back in style in c-stores. A good thing in some neighborhoods, not so good in others.

BR hears one major drawback of self-checkout POS systems is a loss of space to drive impulse buying.

Don’t let the outward cottage appearance of a Duval Street Circle K in Key West fool you. It has all the latest programs, including foodservice and Polar Pop!

D.M., did you get your “Trunk Monkey” for Christmas?

BR hears that a Mid- Atlantic retailer is considering CNG, as the natural-gas boom continues to make a case for the alternative fuel.

Only four out of 100 visits? Let’s hope more people will want to touch in-pump screens in the future.

 BR hears a Midwest retailer is opening stores around the country through joint licensing ventures with oil distributors and indie operators. Their goal? A thou­sand sites by 2020.

One retailer’s summation of the cause behind Hostess’ bankruptcy: “A 1950s product mix on a 1960s distribution model.”

Plentiful cheap and available land is mak­ing St. Louis a growth magnet for regional competitors bring­ing in offers new to the area—such as no prepay for fuel.

A Connecticut single-store retailer reports huge success with selling pickles from a barrel. He sells 300-400 per week at $1.49—great margin, unique offering.

Hope you catch a big wave on the Big Island, A.M. Best of luck on your next adventure.

Terry G., we’re afraid to ask about the sea turtle.

BR is hearing overall disappointment from retailers on the impact of the Durbin Amendment, and pessimism about a bigger fix for the issue of growing swipe fees.

As political consultant Dick Morris prepares to speak at the NATO Show in Las Vegas this year, he offers this possible solution for the U.S. deficit: “Bet on red and hope!”

Leakage: People spending time on shopping, but not buying. Thanks for the new definition, R.S.

Congrats to Jon M. of Stinker Stores and his new wife, Crystal!

Sure, it’s just a suction-cup rack, but put it at a jaunty angle, and suddenly it’s an eye-catcher. Right, T.A.?

We’re glad J.F. is always happy to see us, even if we ignore his emails.

BR hears B.M. had a tough time deciding whether to throw his beads or try to collect more.

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