March 2013 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

D.P., after that advice you got from a pro two years ago, have your guitar skills improved?

Is the Southern platform of one investment house’s c-store portfolio about to become part of a Northeastern chain?

Could an industry foodservice expert beheaded back to Texas to update yet another chain’s program? Stay tuned!

T.T., we hope there are no tilts in your future.

Wild roosters strutting around Key West might want to stay away from Dion’s, which is legendary for its fried chicken.

No need to change your karaoke song, B.D. It brings down the house.

Congrats on your successful transition to the other side of the biz, S.B.

D.M., delighted to find out we share in game-show dorkdom. BR hears Hilton Head will be getting a few new c-stores from a premier retailer.

BR looks forward to the rollout of an industry stalwart’s new retail concept.

BR hears another Pennsylvania retailer is about to give CNG a try.

An upscale women’s clothing boutique in ac-store? One Arizona retailer may have figured out how to attract more female customers.

S.D., sorry for making you kiss the president.

It’s amazing how quickly people who design and manage c-stores will turn on a hotel if the sinks in the restrooms are too splashy.

A Northeast chain is growing its brand with a new store every few months.

K.F., we now know to beware the stinky chardonnay.BR hears F.W. may be the best barbecue guy in the channel.

BR wonders how T.D. will use his bowling and yacht experience in c-stores.

E.G. is expecting her first child this spring and looks forward to a steep learning curve. Congrats!

BR hears a Miami based jobber/retailer is about to change its brand name.

A hearty congrats to Rosemary Waldripfor being honored as Pinnacle’s manager of the year! BR hears L.F. now works for a pest control company.

BR doesn’t want to know what that says about our industry

CRU attendees:“That’s a great question.”Enough said.

Congrats to Top Star’s Megan Stark on her engagement!

One industry wholesaler’s e-cig shipments are so high, some might even call them explosive.

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