October 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

S.H., that ship has sailed.

Looking svelte, F.S. Keep up the good work.

Congrats to Vickie Grimes on the arrival of granddaughter Audrey Jane!

D.M., we never brought you flowers in the first place.

BR hears this sum­mer’s heat wave burned many retailers’ sales in the Midwest and the Northeast.

R.O., keep fighting the good beer fight.

BR hears a retailer in the far Northwest has seen sales double since unveiling its “green” store a few years ago.

Scott H., don’t feel too bad—every financial think tank needs a meat-snacks expert or two.

Could save turn into spend for a relatively new outlet chain?

J.F., thanks—we think—for calling us “one of the guys.”

Did the blue M&M walk out of the Outlook c-store?

Add T.K. to the list of retailers groom­ing their children to eventually take over their businesses.

BR hears Big D may get a little bigger in the near future.

Yes, G.M., we were all upset when they stopped allowing tourists to climb on the heads of Mt. Rushmore. Perhaps Crazy Horse will be less restrictive?

To our pals at Stinker Stores: Hope that fire odor doesn’t set in too deeply.

BR hears Jon B. has a special relationship with his local neighborhood watch.

BR is disappointed that we’ll never see the cage match be­tween the Golden Go­pher and Sasquatch.

To the Nexxus guys: Thanks so much for the nightmares about millions of bats.

BR senses some Vegas succession going on.

Did you tell J.D. to hold off on any new deals while you were on your Mediter­ranean adventure, M.C.?

Is there a big deal brewing in the Denver and Kansas City markets?

Words of wisdom from K.R.: If you don’t understand it, it must be a typo.

Randy F., we never knew you and your wife were such serious bikers. Can’t wait to hear about your next excursion.

K&G, if you’re taking requests for new store loca­tions, we have at least one vote for northern New Jersey.

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