September 2010 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

J.C., glad to hear you’re seeing things in a better light!

You know, Frank S., BR would be a little freaked out, too, if you walked into our elevator talking about slaying dragons.

An intrepid—and hungry—BR sleuth tried one of ampm’s new Carne Asada tortas in California. The verdict: Muy tasty, even at 8 a.m!

Offering a 3% rebate on fuel at the end of the year and collecting interest on that money sounds like a sweet deal for one HVR, A.K. says.

BR hears Circle K Southeast is ready to bring in a new gasoline supplier— or two.

Congratulations to Mother Parkers’ Adam Willis and his wife on the birth of their latest son, Fin.

BR wishes J.S. well in his future endeavors.

Potential laws requiring testing validation for foodservice handling at the store may present a big problem for retailers, according to J.E. As McDonald’s rolled out its new smoothie program in July, one restaurant near Chicago challenged its employees to sell 400 of the drinks in one day.

R.S., hope you caught a big one!

What challenging economy? One beverage company reports its share up 8 points.

P.O., hope you enjoy the shoo-fly pie. Look for foodservice to grow for a large Northeast retailer who’s just getting into the food game.

BR hears N.K. and family made a new (green) friend at an island retreat.

A promotion tying foodservice to fountain drinks bumped sales up 26% at one Northeast chain.

A review of compliance statements—on everything from real estate to maintenance—for one regional chain revealed errors in virtually all of them.

A major chain credits its policies for currently having only two ongoing lawsuits against the company.

BR is watching for a new health-focused program from a major distributor.

C-stores and Homeland Security? The government sees c-stores as part of a first response, according to C.A.

Must have been nice getting a ride from the King of Jordan, S.O.

BR hears a new bottled water showing up in our channel soon may just be a category superhero.

Beware of M.C.’s left hook—or is it a right?

What people do in the cooler is the company’s business, says C.R.

And the family business goes on. Sounds like your daughter is really taking the reins, G.M.

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