September 2013 Back Rumor

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J.A., we’re sure that chocolate truffle stain on your bed looked like nothing more than … a truffle stain.

One retailer is looking to cut space designated for slowmoving cartons to get more e-cigs in.

A new c-store brand is emerging in the Pittsburgh market this fall, swapping On the Run red and blue for an appetizing red, gold and yellow color scheme and local flavor.

BR hears sales at one Southeast retailer’s huge new store are split evenly between the pump and inside the store.

F.W.’s snack preference? “Salty—just like my language.

S.P. now knows the joy of spending several hours setting up a booth.

Launching earlier this month, a new c-store brand targets millennials and GenXers with healthy, fresh, local products.

If anyone needs to borrow a Winerack—the bra that holds booze—M.R. has one to loan. “It was a gift!” she insists.

Minnesota has become a really tough market, with the two biggest chains ready to pounce on any stumble by the smaller guys.

S.M., we never thought of putting Ford pickup trucks in the “impulse buy” category.

Alaska or Las Vegas? We think you made the right choice, Bob S.

 Bacon jerky has proven to be a big hit and has garnered many female fans, judging by their comments on social media, according to one meatsnacks supplier.

You know e-cigs are hot topics when they keep coming up during a snack and candy discussion.

J.A. knows from personal experience: A black tongue can give away which beer one has been drinking.

With last winter’s refusal to end, many retailers are bracing themselves for yearto-year sales comparisons, especially in packaged beverages.Great to hear you’re lighter on your feet and “floating” up stairs, J.N.A well-known Midwest chain is refreshing its brand and is putting franchisees at the front of the line for the makeover.

BR hears 4-pound sheets of Rice Krispies and 5-pound Hershey bars are surprisingly good sellers for some retailers. Sounds like the making of some big s’mores!

While posting calorie counts on menus hasn’t affected sales, one large MidAtlantic chain has heard anecdotally that customers are making different choices.

BR can’t wait to see the new steelworkerthemed travel center opening in Gary, Ind.

David W., welcome to the c-store industry! Your restaurant expertise will go far.

BR senses a growing Cinna-bond at a Nebraska chain.

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