Food for Talk

Imagine sensors warning you of out-of-stocks, apps ensuring foodservice equipment is safe.

Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

Article Preview: 
E-Control Systems, Sherman Oaks, Calif., has produced such devices and solutions since 1998, with one line involving a temperature-taking device that connects with a centralized dashboard. At the store, a hand-held device with a probe allows employees, as a matter of their routine list of things to do, take the temperature of certain foods, with the data flowing back up to the “cloud.”  The software gathers the information and funnels it into a dashboard format, with the data then flowing to the smartphones of designated individuals.
Other monitors in the company’s portfolio can measure device activity in a more consistent, automated mode.
All these technical options, according to Eran Bernstein, chief technical officer for E-Control, will eventually become commonplace, especially as the importance of foodservice increases. 
“You’ll see it used to protect a brand from liability … [via] heated and refrigerated foods that have to be protected to make sure nobody gets sick,” Bernstein says. “Then there’s the issue of holding product too long to the point where it doesn’t taste good. And a third aspect would be spoilage, where a store could have a couple of thousand dollars in food that they don’t want to go to waste.”   

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